The Ultimate List of 17 Historical Places to Explore in Silverdale, WA

Silverdale, Washington is a charming town located on the Kitsap Peninsula in the picturesque Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

With a rich history that dates back to the mid-1800s, Silverdale is home to a number of fascinating historical sites and landmarks that showcase its unique past.

From old pioneer homesteads to historic bridges and buildings, Silverdale offers visitors the opportunity to step back in time and explore the area’s heritage. Join us as we take a closer look at some of the most notable historical places in Silverdale, Washington.

1. Silverdale


Silverdale, located in Washington state, USA, is a charming town with a rich history. There are several historical places in Silverdale that offer a glimpse into the town’s past. One of the most notable historical sites in Silverdale is the Silverdale Waterfront Park.

This park is located on the shores of Dyes Inlet and offers stunning views of the water and surrounding mountains. Another important historical site in Silverdale is the Silverdale Pioneer Cemetery.

This cemetery is the final resting place of many of the town’s earliest settlers and offers a fascinating look into Silverdale’s past.

Visitors can wander through the cemetery and learn about the lives of the people who helped shape the town. The Silverdale Historical Society is another great resource for learning about.

2. Former U.S. Marine Hospital Building


The former U.S. Marine Hospital Building in Silverdale, WA, USA, holds significant historical value. This building served as a hospital for U.S. Marines in the past, providing medical care to those who served their country.

The architecture of the building reflects the time period in which it was constructed, showcasing elements of classic design. Over the years, the former U.S. Marine Hospital Building has witnessed many changes and transformations.

From its role as a medical facility for military personnel to its current state as a historical landmark, this building has stood the test of time.


Visitors can explore the corridors and rooms of the building, imagining the stories of those who once walked these halls. The preservation of the former U.S. Marine Hospital Building is a testament.

Rating: 9.8

Address: 1131 14th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98122, United States


3. Bangor Trident Base


The Bangor Trident Base in Silverdale, WA, USA is a significant historical site with a rich military history.

Originally established in 1942 as a naval ammunition depot, the base has since become home to the US Navy’s Trident submarines. The base is strategically located on the Kitsap Peninsula, providing easy access to the Pacific Ocean.

It plays a crucial role in the nation’s defense, housing a fleet of ballistic missile submarines armed with Trident missiles. Visitors to the Bangor Trident Base can take guided tours to learn more about the base’s history and operations.


The tours offer a rare glimpse into the daily life of Navy personnel and the technology behind the Trident submarines. In addition to its military significance, the base also has a strong community presence.

4. P. P. Ferry House


The P. P. Ferry House in Silverdale, WA is a historical landmark with a rich history. The house was built in the late 1800s and has been preserved over the years to showcase its original architecture and design.

Visitors to the P. P. Ferry House can step back in time and imagine what life was like for the early settlers in the area. The house is a popular destination for history buffs and tourists looking to learn more about the heritage of Silverdale.


One of the most unique features of the P. P. Ferry House is its well-preserved interior, which includes original furniture and decor from the 19th century. The house offers a glimpse into the past, allowing visitors to see how people lived during that time.

Rating: 5.6

Address: 1531 10th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102, United States

5. Hammerhead Crane


The Hammerhead Crane in Silverdale, WA, USA is a historical landmark that holds significant importance in the area. This towering structure serves as a reminder of the industrial past of Silverdale, playing a key role in the development of the town.

The crane stands as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the workers who operated it, contributing to the growth of the community.

The Hammerhead Crane is a symbol of innovation and progress, showcasing the advancements made in construction and engineering during its time.


Its unique design and impressive size make it a standout feature in the landscape, drawing in visitors and locals alike to admire its grandeur. The crane’s presence adds character to the area, serving as a focal point for those interested in the history of Silver.

Rating: 10

Address: Bremerton, WA 98337, United States

6. Bremerton-Silverdale, WA


Bremerton-Silverdale, WA is a beautiful city located in Kitsap County, Washington. This area is known for its rich history and numerous historical sites that attract visitors from near and far.

From military landmarks to charming downtown areas, Bremerton-Silverdale has something for everyone to enjoy. One of the most iconic historical sites in Bremerton-Silverdale is the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

Established in 1891, this shipyard has played a significant role in the region’s economy and national defense.


Visitors can take guided tours of the shipyard to learn about its history and see firsthand where Navy vessels are repaired and maintained. Another must-visit historical site in Bremerton-Silverdale is the USS Turner Joy.

7. Ward Farm


Ward Farm in Silverdale, WA, USA is a historical place that holds significance in the local community. The farm has a long history dating back to the early settlers in the area.

It has been passed down through generations, preserving its heritage and traditions. Visitors to Ward Farm can experience a glimpse into the past, learning about the challenges and triumphs of the early farmers who worked the land.

The farm’s buildings and structures have been carefully maintained to reflect the architecture of the time, offering a unique look at life in the 19th century. One of the most intriguing aspects of Ward Farm is its connection to the local economy.

The farm played a vital role in supplying produce and livestock to the surrounding area, contributing to its growth.

Rating: 10

Address: 15490 Cove Point Ln NE, Keyport, WA 98345, United States

8. Frog Rock


One of the most unique historical landmarks in Silverdale, WA is Frog Rock. This iconic rock formation has been a local landmark for generations, captivating visitors with its distinctive shape and mysterious origins.

Located near the Kitsap Mall, Frog Rock is a popular spot for photos and a must-see for anyone exploring the area. The origins of Frog Rock are shrouded in mystery, with various stories and legends surrounding its creation.

Some say that it was formed naturally over centuries of erosion, while others believe it was sculpted by early settlers or Native Americans.


Regardless of its origins, Frog Rock has become a beloved symbol of Silverdale and a source of local pride.

Rating: 8.8

Address: 14607 Phelps Rd NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, United States

9. Silverdale Waterfront Park


Silverdale Waterfront Park is a charming historical place located in Silverdale, WA, USA. This 2-acre park offers visitors saltwater beach access, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing day by the water.

The park features a playground where children can enjoy hours of fun, and restrooms for convenience. In addition to the beach and playground, Silverdale Waterfront Park also boasts a picnic shelter and a gazebo.

These amenities make it an ideal location for picnics, gatherings, or simply enjoying the beautiful surroundings.


The picnic shelter provides a shaded area for visitors to enjoy a meal or snack, while the gazebo adds a touch of charm to the park. Visitors to Silverdale Waterfront Park can take a leisurely stroll.

Rating: 9.2

Phone: +1 360-337-5350

Address: 3337 NW Byron St, Silverdale, WA 98383, United States


10. Brownsville


Brownsville is a quaint town located just outside of Silverdale, Washington. Despite its small size, Brownsville has a rich history dating back to the mid-1800s.

The town was originally founded as a shipping port for lumber and other goods. One of the most notable historical landmarks in Brownsville is the Brownsville Historic Dock.

This dock was once a bustling hub of activity, with ships coming and going regularly to transport goods up and down the coast.


Today, the dock stands as a reminder of Brownsville’s past as a thriving port town. In addition to the historic dock, Brownsville is also home to several well-preserved buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

11. Old Mill Park


Old Mill Park in Silverdale, WA, USA is a historical location where visitors can bring their furry companions as dogs are allowed on the premises.

This unique feature sets Old Mill Park apart from other historical sites in the area, making it a great destination for dog owners looking to explore the local history with their pets by their side.

Located in Silverdale, WA, Old Mill Park offers a glimpse into the past with its historic buildings and artifacts.


Visitors can take a walk through time as they explore the park’s grounds and learn about the area’s rich history. Whether you are a history buff or simply looking for a new place to take your dog for a walk, Old Mill Park has something to offer.

Rating: 8.6

Phone: +1 360-337-5350

Address: 2901 NW Bucklin Hill Rd, Silverdale, WA 98383, United States


12. Kitsap History Museum


The Kitsap History Museum in Silverdale, WA, USA offers visitors a glimpse into the rich history of Kitsap County. One of the main attractions at the museum is the exhibit showcasing a timeline of significant events in Kitsap’s history.

From the early Native American settlements to the arrival of European settlers, the timeline provides a comprehensive overview of the region’s past. Visitors can also step back in time with a visit to the replica of Main Street circa 1919.


This detailed recreation offers a nostalgic look at what life was like in Kitsap County nearly a century ago. From the architecture to the storefronts, the replica captures the essence of a bygone era.

Rating: 9.6

Phone: +1 360-479-6226

Address: 280 4th St, Bremerton, WA 98337, United States


13. Silverdale Rotary Gateway Park


Silverdale Rotary Gateway Park is a historical place in Silverdale, WA, USA. This park is unique because it allows dogs on its premises. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park with their furry friends by their side.

The park offers a beautiful setting for dog owners to spend quality time with their pets. With its open green spaces and walking paths, Silverdale Rotary Gateway Park is the perfect place for dogs to stretch their legs and get some exercise.

Dog owners can relax and unwind while watching their pets play and explore the surroundings. The park’s dog-friendly policy makes it a popular destination for local residents and visitors alike.

It provides a welcoming and inclusive space for dog lovers to come together and enjoy the outdoors with their furry companions.

Rating: 9

Phone: +1 360-337-5350

Address: 11601 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale, WA 98383, United States


14. USS Turner Joy


The USS Turner Joy, a naval destroyer with a rich history, is now a museum located in Silverdale, WA, USA. After its service in the Pacific, the ship was decommissioned and turned into an interactive exhibit for the public to explore.

Visitors can step aboard and experience what life was like for sailors on this historic vessel. The USS Turner Joy played a significant role in several key events during its time in service.

From participating in operations during the Vietnam War to patrolling the waters of the Pacific, the ship has a storied past that is preserved for future generations to learn about.


Walking through its corridors, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by those who served on board.

Rating: 9.4

Phone: +1 360-792-2457

Address: 300 Washington Beach Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337, United States


15. Kitsap County Anderson Landing Park


Kitsap County Anderson Landing Park in Silverdale, WA, USA is a historical site that welcomes visitors with dogs. The park offers a unique opportunity for dog owners to explore the area with their furry companions.

Dogs of all sizes are allowed to roam freely in designated areas of the park. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the park’s trails, taking in the scenic views of the surrounding landscape.

The park is a great place for dog owners to bond with their pets while also learning about the history of the area.


Dogs are allowed to be off-leash as long as they are under control of their owners. Anderson Landing Park provides a peaceful and serene setting for visitors to relax and unwind.

Rating: 9.2

Phone: +1 360-337-5350

Address: 10955 Warren Rd NW, Silverdale, WA 98383, United States


16. Chico


Chico is a small community located within Silverdale, WA, USA. Although it may not have significant historical landmarks or attractions, Chico holds its own charm and character.

The community of Chico is known for its peaceful and serene atmosphere, making it a popular residential area. Many residents appreciate the quiet and laid-back lifestyle that Chico offers.

Chico is also home to a variety of local businesses, including cafes, shops, and restaurants. Residents and visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, stopping to explore the different establishments that line the streets.


One notable feature of Chico is its proximity to the water. The community offers stunning views of Dyes Inlet and the surrounding natural landscapes.

17. Illahee


Illahee, located in Silverdale, WA, USA, is a historical place with a rich past.

The name “Illahee” comes from the Chinook jargon word for “earth” or “land.” This area holds significant cultural and historical importance for the Native American tribes that once inhabited the region.

Illahee is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, including lush forests, pristine waterways, and stunning views of the Puget Sound.

Visitors to Illahee can explore hiking trails, picnic areas, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

The area’s natural beauty has attracted people for centuries, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to its natural attractions, Illahee also has a rich history that dates back to the.


Silverdale, WA boasts a rich history with several historical places that offer a glimpse into the past. From museums and historic buildings to natural landmarks and cultural sites, the town has a lot to offer for those interested in learning about its heritage.

Visiting these historical places can provide valuable insights into the past and help foster a greater appreciation for the community’s unique history and culture.

Whether you are a local resident or a visitor, exploring these historical sites in Silverdale can be a rewarding and enriching experience.

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