6 Historic Places in Kennewick, WA That Tell the City’s Story

Kennewick, Washington is a city rich in history with several notable historical sites that offer a glimpse into its past. From Native American artifacts to pioneer homesteads, Kennewick is home to a variety of historical places that showcase the diverse heritage of the region.

Whether you’re interested in learning about the early settlers who carved out a life in the rugged landscape or exploring the ancient cultures that once thrived in the area, Kennewick’s historical sites offer a fascinating journey through time.

Join us as we uncover the stories and significance of these historical landmarks in Kennewick, WA, USA.

1. History of Wallula


The history of Wallula, located near Kennewick, WA, USA, is a fascinating tale of the area’s past. This historical site holds significance as a key location for trade and transportation in the region.

Once a bustling hub for steamboats and early settlers, Wallula played a crucial role in the development of the area.

The town was established in the mid-1800s and quickly grew in importance as a stop along the Columbia River. The Wallula Gap, a natural landmark in the area, provided a strategic passage for travelers and goods, shaping the town’s growth and prosperity.


Its location at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake Rivers made Wallula a vital link in the transportation network of the time.

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Address: Kennewick, WA 99337, United States

2. Historic Green Bridge Memorial


The Historic Green Bridge Memorial in Kennewick, WA, USA is a significant historical site that holds deep cultural and historical importance in the community.

The memorial serves as a reminder of the past and honors the individuals who played a crucial role in the development of the area.

The Green Bridge Memorial stands as a symbol of resilience and perseverance, representing the strength of the community in overcoming challenges and adversity.

It serves as a tribute to the individuals who worked tirelessly to build and maintain the bridge, which was an essential link for transportation and commerce in the region.


Visitors to the Green Bridge Memorial can learn about the history of the bridge and its impact on the local community through informative exhibits and displays.

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Address: Kennewick, WA 99336, United States

3. First Federal Road Marker


The First Federal Road Marker in Kennewick, WA is a historical landmark that holds great significance in the city’s past.

This marker stands as a reminder of the early days of settlement and development in the region, serving as a physical representation of the progress that has been made over the years.

The marker itself is a simple stone monument, adorned with a plaque that details the history of the First Federal Road and its impact on the community.

This road played a crucial role in connecting Kennewick to neighboring towns and cities, facilitating trade and communication in the area.

Visitors to the First Federal Road Marker can take a step back in time and imagine what life was like for early settlers who relied on this route for their daily needs.

Rating: 8.4

Address: 5413 Paul Parish Drive, Kennewick, WA 99336, United States

4. Zintel Canyon Dam


Zintel Canyon Dam is an important historical site located in Kennewick, WA, USA. This dam played a crucial role in the development of the region, providing water for irrigation and powering early industries.

The construction of the dam was a significant engineering feat at the time, showcasing the innovation and ingenuity of early settlers. Despite its historical significance, Zintel Canyon Dam is now in a state of disrepair.

The aging infrastructure has led to concerns about its safety and stability. Efforts are being made to preserve and restore the dam, in order to protect its historical value for future generations.


Visitors to Zintel Canyon Dam can learn about the history of the site through interpretive signage and guided tours.

Rating: 7.6

Address: Zintel Canyon Dam, Hildebrand Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99337, United States

5. Clover Island Lighthouse


The Clover Island Lighthouse is a historic landmark located in Kennewick, WA, USA. This lighthouse was built in 2010 and stands as a symbol of the area’s rich maritime history.

The lighthouse is situated on Clover Island, which offers stunning views of the Columbia River and surrounding landscape. Visitors to the Clover Island Lighthouse can explore the grounds and learn about the history of the area through informational displays.


The lighthouse is also a popular spot for picnics, photography, and enjoying the natural beauty of the river. The Clover Island Lighthouse is a must-see for history buffs and anyone interested in learning more about the maritime heritage of Kennewick.

Rating: 9.2

Address: 99 N Clover Island Dr, Kennewick, WA 99336, United States

Website: portofkennewick.org

6. Museum at Keewaydin


The Museum at Keewaydin in Kennewick, WA, USA, is a local heritage museum that first opened its doors in 1982.

As visitors step inside this historical place, they are immediately greeted by the rich culture and history of the region. One of the main attractions at the Museum at Keewaydin is the display of ancient Native American petroglyphs.

These intricate rock carvings offer a glimpse into the past, showcasing the artistic and spiritual practices of the indigenous peoples who once called this area home.


In addition to the petroglyphs, the museum also features a gift shop where visitors can purchase unique souvenirs and gifts to commemorate their visit.

Rating: 9.6

Phone: +1 509-582-7704

Address: 205 W Keewaydin Dr, Kennewick, WA 99336, United States

Website: museumatkeewaydin.org


Historical places in Kennewick, WA offer a glimpse into the rich past of the area and provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about the region’s diverse history.

From the Sacajawea State Park to the East Benton County Historical Museum, these sites showcase the cultural significance and importance of preserving the past for future generations.

Whether exploring the remnants of ancient civilizations at the Marmes Rockshelter or walking through the historic downtown district, Kennewick’s historical places provide a deeper understanding of the area’s roots and a connection to the past.

It is important to continue to support and visit these sites to ensure they remain an integral part of Kennewick’s heritage for years to come.

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